People as a source of energy

The starting point of all our projects are the people who work with us. At Actemium we give everyone the opportunity to express their skills and pursue their objectives, enhancing those behaviors that are an expression of the Group’s values.

We are committed to developing everyone’s skills and promoting career projects through high-profile vocational training, integration processes, mobility and equal opportunities.

Diversity as a resource

The ideas and technological skills of each employee are extremely important to us.

At Actemium we promote cooperation between business units and working teams to create an environment to develop and consolidate their skills in the field of energy and new technologies.

Coaching and training activities actively contribute to the corporate philosophy and mission of the VINCI Energies Group. We invite open discussions between new members and senior staff to encourage the growth of all employees, especially new and less experienced ones.

For newly hired figures we provide integration and training activities, internal coaching and tutoring, practiced in full compliance with the regulations required by law in the field of professional training and apprenticeship.

Current positions

Would you like to work in the management of energy services?
Start your journey with Actemium and discover current open positions at the Group on the Actemium Italia LinkedIn page and VINCI Energies Italia LinkedIn page.

Send us your CV

If you believe you have the right qualities to work with Actemium but cannot find a current suitable role, please send us your CV.

We carefully evaluate all applications that come to us, even when profiles are not perfectly in line with current job openings.

For us, skills and experience do count but we also evaluate people for their enthusiasm and desire to get involved.

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