The values of VINCI Energies are our values

To create new opportunities and face global challenges, our business is based on the values shared by the entire VINCI Energies Group.

  • Trust

    Trust is an essential condition for building sincere and lasting relationships, both in the workplace and with our partners and customers. The people of our Group work together in the knowledge that they can count on each other. This means companies recognize us as reliable, honest and qualified partners.

  • Solidarity

    Solidarity is not just a principle, but a reality expressed by the people who are part of the group. Sharing knowledge, activities and resources with each other improves efficiency and the ability to act quickly and helps us to achieve common goals. Because shared success is true success.

  • Independence

    The autonomy of each individual and that of each Business Unit is our strength. Everyone is free to express themselves and take initiatives, so as to respond quickly to new challenges. In this way we guarantee our customers high performance, combined with a rational management of time and costs.

  • Responsibility

    We believe in the sense of responsibility of our collaborators towards the team, customers, their projects and towards the environment. This is what our success depends on.

  • Entrepreunarial spirit

    Spirit of initiative, entrepreneurship, risk assessment and achievement of objectives: thanks to these skills, each person in the Group can transform their ideas into actions, contribute to the improvement of projects and develop new business opportunities for the company.

The principles of Actemium

In addition to the values shared with the rest of the Group, at Actemium we have always been faithful to some essential principles.

  • SAFETY: an absolute priority and a fundamental prerequisite for all our actions.
  • SHARING: we work together to contribute to a better future.
  • POSITIVE ATTITUDE: we transform difficulties into opportunities, and we share with the rest of the Group every goal achieved.
  • TEAM SPIRIT: we are part of the same team and we pursue the same growth goals.
  • CONTRIBUTION: each person brings their own contribution to the Group and is aware of their responsibility towards the rest of the team.