Safety as a top priority

At Actemium we are committed to ensuring health and safety in the workplace.

Our aim, shared with the rest of the Group, is to promote the culture of Safety Excellence, i.e. a daily commitment to building a risk-free work environment.

Our actions, carried out by collaborators at any company level, assume a close monitoring of safety indicators, as well as a procedure aimed at ensuring specific training.

In this context, it is necessary for every person to be aware of the risks they face in the workplace and to put safety and accident prevention first.

“Zero Accident” objective

The highest priority we give to the issue of health and safety in the workplace is expressed by a series of action plans that have been implemented to achieve the “Zero Accident” goal:

  • Welcome programs for newly hired members;
  • Personalized accompaniment for new employees, temporary workers and sub-contractors.
  • Training and emphasis on personal protective equipment;
  • Risk assessment and cross-checks;
  • Dedicated training programs;
  • Communication programs to inform, establish a dialogue and promote the exchange of best practices;
  • The adoption of a specific prevention policy on the issue of road traffic – one of the greatest risks.

Safety Week

One of the initiatives carried out by the VINCI Energies Group is the Safety Week: a week of meetings during which we guide employees through the 6 pillars that we have identified in VINCI Energies Italia to develop a positive culture of safety at work:

  • Exemplary leadership
  • Transparency
  • Training and sharing
  • Commitment
  • Risk perception
  • Understanding of procedures


The quality of our projects

At Actemium we invest in the specialization and training of our collaborators so that they can guarantee the quality of their work.

Skills and experience acquired over the years in the field are recognized nationally and internationally, also through a series of certifications that have been issued to us:

  • Attestazione SOA.
    We have obtained this certificate in order to participate in tenders for the execution of public contracts for the categories:
    – OG9 Class IV bis
    – OG10 Class III
    – OS30 Class IV